Business Update

Website Update

I’ve decided to rebuild my website from the ground up. So if things look a bit janky around here, I apologise. I’m working on it…

It’s been a while since I realised my old website wasn’t doing me any favours. Sure, I was getting visitors every day, but nobody was buying. It got to the point where I regretted spending money on a custom back-end to allow my customers to order their pictures online. It didn’t work well, and most people preferred to pay by EFT, cash or card in person. Easy enough to do with my Yoco.

For one thing, I’m way too busy with photography to spend time maintaining a complicated site. Besides, the setup I chose made it look like I was earning big bucks, and I don’t want to scare away my best customers: people like you.

I have come to believe that too much automation just causes problems, and why would I automate myself out of the work I really enjoy?

Thanks for your interest. May I ask something? Do you like the tone of my site, and what would make it easier for you to book a photoshoot with me?