Photography Service

Real Happy Pictures is a photography service based in Melkbosstrand, Cape Town South Africa.

I’m Dirk Jonker and I shoot professional headshots and model portfolios and even product pack shots in my studio, allowing me to continue working if the weather turns bad and giving consistent results at any time of day since I can control the light. That’s great for take-a-lot and amazon product shoots and catalogue work too.

When I’m not in the studio I challenge myself with personal projects and take photos in any possible setting and this has made me a better studio photographer.

I cover children’s birthday parties, do family photoshoots on the beach, weddings and corporate events. I even have a waterproof camera to capture images in the surf.

I’m Dirk Jonker and I take photos for a living. I also do other things that add to my understanding of the art of photography and how I do it, but on this website I showcase my work as a professional photographer in Cape Town.

I live in a village called Melkbosstrand, about 27 km up the coast from the Cape Town CBD, and this is where I have a studio at Blessings, a creative coffee shop with a commitment to doing good things for the community. I share my workshop with other creatives who offer workshops and classes, so it’s important to book if you’re coming through for your portfolio photos. My time is more flexible if you’d like me to come to you, but it means I have to charge to make up for the risk and costs of traveling with equipment.

I help new photographers, young and old, make the most of their digital cameras by providing photography lessons on a one-to-one or small classroom basis.

Travelling? I’ll even tag along as you explore the Western Cape to photograph you for your travel blog or just to capture your experiences for your own enjoyment.

And then there are the apartments I photograph for AirBnB and estate agents.

As I built out the site you’ll see more of my work. Please come back often!