Lifestyle & Outside Location Photo Shoots

Location Shoots

Photographer For Hire

On Photo Day

I travel to your enclosed, secure location (office/factory/restaurant/home – an indoor area sheltered from the wind the size of a single garage or bigger.) with my camera and my portable studio setup.


We take to the streets with my street photography setup: a sling bag containing camera and flash with one or two lenses for portrait and long distance environmental shots.


For a hybrid shoot i.e. studio & street photography, the client will arrange a secure location to store my backdrop & additional equipment when it is not in use. The client must agree to cover replacement of any lost or damaged equipment in case of theft or tampering.

Deliverables (You Get)

The good shots, delivered as digital downloads via an appropriate service AFTER I process them to improve white balance and lighting levels, crop to improve composition and correct issues such as unwanted lens distortion or camera tilt (slanted horizon lines). This does not include object removal/background clean-up, glow-ups or specialised editing.

Photo Editing & Post Processing

Clients who want to do their own photo editing using AI enabled software or apps can perform their own cropping and editing on these photos, but please give me credit as the photographer and indicate that you edited them yourself.


Clients can select photos they want the photographer to edit. Discuss the photos you select and how you would like them edited. Photo edits are charged at an hourly rate and this is not included in the photoshoot price, see below.


1st Hour @ R750 + travel costs & expenses
(up to one hour of photography)

Additional time @ R350/hour pro rata
(after the first hour, you only pay for the time we use)

**Ask about my special rates for a full day of photography.

Photo Editing @ R350/hour
(glow-ups, background removal/replacement, object removal, selective sharpening, dodge and burn effects and localised distortions to improve physical attributes, group photo face swaps)


A non-refundable deposit of R450 must be received at least 24 hours before the photo shoot to confirm your booking. Photoshoots can be rescheduled once, but only up to 8 hours before a shoot, then additional charges may apply. In case of unexpected bad weather, arrangements will be made to reschedule without a penalty.

Costs and Expenses

As the client you will be responsible for any entry tickets, venue fees or licenses necessary to legalise and cover the photoshoot. Special arrangements have to be made with management of wine farms and other public locations for permission to do photoshoots.

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Preparations / Pre-Production

Make-up and Wardrobe

Please arrange your own hair and make-up so you arrive ready to shoot. Bring along any outfits you’d like to wear in your photos, make sure that anything that needs ironing is ready for shoot day.


Please ensure that you communicate the need for props, or arrange your own. If any prop will require special precautions, such as feathers, dander, glitter, powder, sand, liquids, volatile or abrasive chemicals or fire that may pose a risk to the photographer or his gear, please communicate these ahead of time. Failure to disclose these concerns may result in the cancellation of your photoshoot and the loss of your deposit.

Script / Concept

You may have a clear idea of a photo or image you’d like to create or draw inspiration from. Please let me know if you have a story you’d like to tell, a high art concept or a creative idea for your photographs. It will help me to mentally and physically prepare, and to research any information I may need for a successful photoshoot. It might influence how I set up the lighting, or which camera or lens I need to bring.


Many venues have specific requirements for photoshoots, don’t assume that it’s okay to do a photoshoot. Wine farms and restaurants generally have a licensing arrangement for photographers that requires the payment of a fee, especially in prom season, but even for wedding or fashion photos. If in doubt, check. Most shopping malls, arcades and places of business do not allow photography.

Personal Indemnity

When booking a photoshoot you agree that you do so at own risk, and accept any risk of injury or harm resulting from your own actions or lack of attention during your photoshoot, while travelling or in personal interactions.

Copyright considerations:

In all cases, I retain copyright in the images I took, even as directed and reserve the right to store copies on any media and to use such photographs for public display, in my portfolio and advertising to promote my service. I will respect your right to privacy and any minors shown in such images will not be identified by name or association with an adult, I will remove any identifying marks such as school emblems, and I will disguise any elements of uniform to complicate such identification by third parties.