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    Model & Actor Portfolio Photos

    Model Portfolio Photoshoott & Actor Headshot Update

    Your agent needs good, professional photographs of you to put forward for castings and auditions for Commercials, TV, Film or Stage. There are subtle variations and I want to help you create pictures that highlight your strengths in every genre. I have been working in the entertainment space for 20 years, my experience can help you. Let’s create the impression of a confident, competent and interesting artist that producers and directors will love to work with. Some say that you can’t teach someone “The X-factor”, I think you can. Time in studio: 60 minutes We’ll select and process the images that fit with the roles you might play. Each of…

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    Fine Art Photography Tips

    You’ve created a painting, print or drawing and you’d like to photograph it for your portfolio, before you send it to your eager client, or to the gallery owner for approval before you pack it up, but did you consider…

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    Fine Art Photography

    It is my pleasure to collaborate with artists to create images that accurately translate their own work into other media. I’ve developed a method for photographing oil paintings so I can control the glare from varnished, painted surfaces. It involves…

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    Actor Headshots

    Price R450 for 15 minutes in studio, the three best images cleaned up to industry standards. Why use me? As a headshot photographer for professional actors, I understand the gravity of the job. Your headshots play a crucial role in…

  • Professional Profile Photo for Social & Print Media
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    Professional Profile Photo

    Come and have professional portrait photos taken in the studio in Melkbosstrand for only R450! Your face is good for business? What is that supposed to mean? If you’re a public-facing member of a small business, a professional person or…