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Melkbos Ateljee – Artist Portraits

This year, Gillian Bentley is helping out with PR and Press for our annual Art Exhibition. She’s needling the artists and creating quite a stir, but we need to get our articles in before the three month deadline to get into magazine issues ahead of 21 September. Sooner if we can.

We aim to get several of our local artists featured in magazines, since Melkbos Ateljee is all about the people behind the art. Artists living and working in Melkbosstrand, Cape Town.

Gillian and I go back a couple of years, but that story can wait. She knows my work, it seems all that a little act of kindness and a lot of patience has earned me an ally, now I have to honour her trust in me. It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you have a cheerleader, I’m very grateful. I have bills that are behind, but I understand that I’m not the only one in that boat. Even though I am charging artists a fee, I am giving everyone involved my best price. I know there is value in a good photograph.

During the event you’ll visit artists in their own studios, or publicly accessible spaces along the walk & drive routes. Of course you’re free to explore the map at your own leasure on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September 2024.

I ask each artist to do their own hair and make-up for a set of portraits, and to bring some aspects of their art to illustrate some of what they offer. I’m getting plenty of practise setting up my portable studio backdrop and lights to do a quick 15 minute session in different rooms at Blessings Coffee and Creative. This is where I will be exhibiting my pottery, water colour paintings and another project I’ll reveal closer to the time.

My Own Bonus Project: Self Portrait

While I had my portable studio set up last Sunday, I decided to spruce up and take some irreverent portraits of my own. As you can see I haven’t gone the full nine yards with the make-up, keeping it close to “nude” a la Bobby Brown (I did her MasterClass during the Covid19 Lockdown) – it pays to experiment on personal projects.

Dirk Jonker is your friendly, Real Happy Pictures photographer. He believes in kindness and equality and works well with animals, children and the elderly. He is patient, kind and generous with his time and attention.

“I’m a visual thinker and I enjoy making images. I draw, paint and make prints, among other things. My other interests include acting, music and fitness. You can find me here on social media: