Fine Art Photography

It is my pleasure to collaborate with artists to create images that accurately translate their own work into other media.

I’ve developed a method for photographing oil paintings so I can control the glare from varnished, painted surfaces. It involves taking multiple images under controlled lighting conditions, then stacking them to produce an accurate rendering of the original painting for reproduction.

My process works even for work that has been framed and glazed. I ensure that the texture of the painting, canvas, brush strokes and embossing are also shown to the best advantage.

My process allows me to make detailed reproductions of paintings on canvas up to A2, or slightly beyond, depending on the media. Download an A4 sample here.

I have used the same process to capture etchings behind glass, pencil drawings and water colour paintings to reproduce the subtle textures, impressions and to remove reflections and glare.


I can photograph your art at R250 per image, plus a R350 set-up fee per session. It makes sense to have several artworks photographed at the same time.

Fine Art Photography Sample A4
Fine Art Photography Sample, printable, A4

A note on colour fidelity, brightness and contrast:

While I ensure good colour fidelity on my digital display, please note that your perception of colour changes as your eyes adapt to different levels of light in your environment.

While your artwork isn’t internally illuminated, a digital display is and any device might have its own colour profile that will affect your perception too.

Please ensure that the person printing your work has access to the original painting, since they will need to make fine adjustments to the colour curves – every digital printer renders the colours differently, and the Red/Green/Blue channels of a digital display has to be translated to be printed in the yellow/cyan/magenta/black inks used in high percision digital printing. Every display and printer has it’s own colour gamut that will effect how dark the darks are, how bright the whites, and the colour cast on every other colour.

Every image is different, as is the colour gamut of every process. I will sit with you to make final adjustments if you feel I missed the mark.

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