Photography Service

Actor Headshots


R450 for 15 minutes in studio, the three best images cleaned up to industry standards.

Why use me?

As a headshot photographer for professional actors, I understand the gravity of the job. Your headshots play a crucial role in your career. A great headshot can help you land commercial or film work, while a mediocre one may leave you out in the cold.

I came to the table late as an actor, and realising how massively important my headshot photograph is to my career, I did my own research using multiple sources and I learned this: a trustworthy headshot must be a clear, recent, untouched, well lit, accurate representation showing you as you are, your face and personality, without any distracting details. The framing of a headshot is a tight head and shoulders with the subject looking almost directly into the camera lens, taken from the models eye-height. The aspect ratio of a headshot may vary slightly but is generally an 8:10 portrait.

Your headshot is a portrait photo with a job to do. To support your work as an actor, it must present you as an actor. In a single image, it must show them who you are without props and scenery. Because it is you they are looking for.

On the day of your photoshoot, you’re going to want to bring your experience as a performer and confidence in your acting skills to play for the camera. I’m going to coach you and engage your imagination, the tool you’re most adept at leveraging. If you have to concern yourself with how to take a good headshot photograph, you’ll struggle to get even one usable image. Just like acting, it gets worse the harder you try.

That’s why choosing a photographer will make or break your headshot. Your photographer is going to do the heavy lifting on this one.

I know what I’m doing. I’m here to support you. Choose me.